Book of Mormon Lesson 22: “Have Ye Received His Image in Your Countenances?”

Alma 5-7—Alma explains how we can experience a “mighty” change of heart, but what does that entail? How difficult is it to change our nature? There’s a lot to learn about the process of conversion from these chapters. Remember, our road to exaltation is not littered with singular events, but with ongoing efforts and processes. Al Doan is with us, yo!

Book of Mormon Lesson 17 – “A Seer Becometh a Great Benefit to His Fellow Beings”

Mosiah 7-11 – Background on Zeniff’s return to the land of Nephi and the subsequent bondage brought forth by the Lamanites; Why are seers important? Why did the people of King Noah reject Abinadi even when knowing that Noah was wicked? How can we better follow the prophets and trust them as seers and revelators?