Book of Mormon Lesson 29: “Give Ear to My Words”

Alma 36-39—Alma sits down with his three sons, Helaman, Shiblon, and Corianton, to bear testimony and offer encouragement before he disappears. What can parents learn from Alma’s counsel? Too often we lean solely on Corianton’s experience to inform our view of parenting, but even parenting “untroubled” kids requires tact and finesse. Brad Lammi joins us to talk about these great passages.

Book of Mormon Lesson 35 – “Repent and Return unto the Lord”

Helaman 13-16 – Samuel the Lamanite preaches atop the walls of Zarahemla. He prophesies of the signs of Christ’s birth and death and chastises the Nephites for their iniquity. How importance is repentance to us? How do we develop a stronger understanding and testimony of repentance?

Book of Mormon Lesson 34 – “How Could You Have Forgotten Your God?”

Helaman 6-12 – The pride cycle is given a full lesson. The Nephites become so wicked that the Lamanites exceed them in righteousness. How can we avoid pride in our material wealth? How can we avoid pride in our testimonies? How do we get out of a cycle of pride and firmly turn ourselves to God?

Book of Mormon Lesson 33 – “A Sure Foundation”

Helaman 1-5 – Gadianton leads Kishkumen’s band of robbers. Why are secret combinations so evil? Thousands join the Church, though pride begins to surface and the people become wicked. The Nephites are defeated because of their wickedness and pride. Nephi and Lehi minister to the people and preach about the central role of Christ in our lives.

Book of Mormon Lesson 32 – “They Did Obey … Every Word of Command with Exactness”

Alma 53-58 – Two thousand young Ammonites – the Armies of Helaman – fight for liberty. Not one of them is killed. How did they help their parents preserve their covenants? Why is it important to keep our covenants during difficult periods? How can righteous parents help their young?