Book of Mormon Lesson 33 – “A Sure Foundation”

Helaman 1-5 – Gadianton leads Kishkumen’s band of robbers. Why are secret combinations so evil? Thousands join the Church, though pride begins to surface and the people become wicked. The Nephites are defeated because of their wickedness and pride. Nephi and Lehi minister to the people and preach about the central role of Christ in our lives.

Book of Mormon Lesson 22 – “Have Ye Received His Image in Your Countenances?”

Alma 5-7 – Alma exhorts the Saints to experience a “might change” of heart; he encourages everyone to improve his or her “countenance.” How does that apply to us? How do we focus on self-improvement and have the faith to heed prophetic counsel?

Book of Mormon Lesson 09 – “My Soul Delighteth in the Words of Isaiah”

2 Nephi 11-16 – It’s Isaiah time! Why does Nephi so extensively quote Isaiah? How does understanding Isaiah help us understand the rest of the gospel? Isaiah prophesies of the latter-day temple, the gathering of Israel, and the restoration of all things.