Book of Mormon Lesson 5: “Hearken to the Truth, and Give Heed unto It”

1 Nephi 16-18 – The Lord guides the families of Lehi and Ishmael with the Liahona, pursuant to their faith. Nephi builds a ship with faith. Nephi is bound en route to the promised land. There are some classic stories here, but let’s plumb the depths and talk about it. Bill Doolittle is with us.

Book of Mormon Lesson 4: The Things Which I Saw While I Was Carried Away in the Spirit

1 Nephi 12-14 – Let’s break down the parts of Nephi’s vision of the future. After all, when an angel says, “Look!”, you must look!

Book of Mormon Lesson 3: The Vision of the Tree of Life

1 Nephi 8-12 – Lehi receives his great vision of the tree of life. This is a big one! So what do the various parts of the vision represent? Why do we hit on this one so much at church? Meagan Price is with us.

Book of Mormon Lesson 2: All Things According to His Will

1 Nephi 1-2 – Lehi takes his family into the wilderness. They are tried and tested. How are we also tried? How can we be unshakeable like Nephi? Bill Doolittle is with us.