New Testament Lesson 25: “Not My Will, But Thine, Be Done”

How do we have our will swallowed up by that of the Father? Christ is a perfect example of obedience. The bar is surely high, but we are promised great blessings as we strive to forget ourselves and submit to the Lord. We need the Atonement and shouldn’t dare attempt to live without it.

New Testament Lesson 24: “This Is Life Eternal”

John 16-17 – Let’s talk about feeling the Holy Ghost and the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Why is it so hard to learn how to interpret the promptings of the Spirit? Jesus offers the great intercessory prayer. Why is this prayer important? Why was it important for the Apostles to be one?

New Testament Lesson 23: “Love One Another, As I Have Loved You”

Luke 22; John 13-14 – How do we center our thoughts on the Savior? The sacrament itself does not wash us from sin, so what does? How can we better prepare for the sacrament and not be blasé about it? Why do we often demand signs in order to have faith?

New Testament Lesson 22: “Inherit the Kingdom Prepared for You”

Matthew 25 – Patricia Doxey joins us to talk about the parable of the ten virgins, the parable of the talents, and the parable of the sheep and goats. How can we prepare for the second coming? Why does Jesus put so much value on serving others and developing our talents?

New Testament Lesson 21: “What Is the Sign of Thy Coming?”

Matt. 24; Mark 14 – What are the signs of the Second Coming? Why is the Joseph Smith translation of the Bible important? Why is it important for us not to live in the past and look to prior achievements as we move forward into the future?