New Testament Lesson 5: “Born Again”

John 3, 4 – Jesus teaches Nicodemus that we must be born of water and the Spirit to enter the kingdom of God. Why? Why does baptism matter? Why do ordinances matter? Jesus later visits the Samaritan woman at the well and teaches about living water, the way to find true life and salvation. What can we learn from the way Jesus taught? Al Doan is with us for the first time in a long time.

New Testament Lesson 4: “Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord”

Matthew 3-4: Rachel and David Zobell join us to discuss John the Baptist’s role in serving a forerunner of Christ. How did John prepare the people? Why was he necessary? What did he preach? Why was Christ baptized when He was perfect? Satan tempts Jesus in the wilderness, but Jesus resists. How can fasting strengthen us?

New Testament Lesson 3: “Unto You Is Born … a Saviour” (Luke 2)

Luke 2: Sure, we just had Christmas a few weeks ago, but now’s a chance to revisit the miracle of the birth of our Savior. Patricia Auxier helps us break down some of the ostensibly basic aspects of the Nativity story and the countless miracles associated with it.

New Testament Lesson 2: “My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord”

Luke 1: The angel Gabriel appears to Zacharias and says that Elisabeth will bear him a child. Why did Zacharias doubt and express astonishment? Gabriel also tells Mary she will be the mother of the Son of God. How was Joseph tried during this process? How do we learn to exercise faith and be submissive to the Lord? Kurt Francom of LeadingLDS is with us.

New Testament Lesson 1: “That Ye Might Believe That Jesus Is the Christ”

Happy New Year! Dustin Homer kicks off the New Testament with us in this lesson about the very nature of Christ. What prophecies exist of the Savior’s coming? Of what did John the Baptist testify? This is a big kickoff lesson and we hope you’ll join us!