Book of Mormon Lesson 37 – “Whosoever Will Come, Him Will I Receive”

3 Nephi 8-11 – Great destruction occurs at the time of Christ’s death. The survivors hear the voice of Christ in the darkness. The resurrected Christ descends from heaven and visits the Nephites. These are remarkable passages of scripture.

Book of Mormon Lesson 36 – “On the Morrow Come I into the World”

3 Nephi 1-7 – Unbelievers persecute those with the faith in the signs of the birth of Christ. That faith is rewarded as the sign of his birth appears. Wickedness increases due to the Gadianton robbers and the faithful must endure continued persecution. How can we endure faithfully in times of trial and temptation?

Book of Mormon Lesson 35 – “Repent and Return unto the Lord”

Helaman 13-16 – Samuel the Lamanite preaches atop the walls of Zarahemla. He prophesies of the signs of Christ’s birth and death and chastises the Nephites for their iniquity. How importance is repentance to us? How do we develop a stronger understanding and testimony of repentance?

Book of Mormon Lesson 34 – “How Could You Have Forgotten Your God?”

Helaman 6-12 – The pride cycle is given a full lesson. The Nephites become so wicked that the Lamanites exceed them in righteousness. How can we avoid pride in our material wealth? How can we avoid pride in our testimonies? How do we get out of a cycle of pride and firmly turn ourselves to God?