Book of Mormon Lesson 20 – “My Soul Is Pained No More”

Mosiah 25-28; Alma 36 – Alma and Limhi unify with the Nephites; Alma organizes the Church; Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah lead away many before being struck dumb and repenting. How can we be truly converted to the Gospel? What does it mean to fully repent?

Book of Mormon Lesson 19 – “None Could Deliver Them but the Lord”

Mosiah 18-24 – Alma teaches and baptizes many before his people are taken captive by the Lamanites. King Noah betrays his people and suffers death by fire. Limhi’s people are brought into bondage. How can we honor our baptismal covenants and avoid spiritual bondage? Bill Doolittle guest hosts.

Book of Mormon Lesson 18 – “God Himself Shall Redeem His People”

Mosiah 12-17 – Abinadi returns to call the people of Noah to repentance. He is rejected and eventually burned to death. How does the Law of Moses prepare us to understand Christ’s atonement? How does Abinadi testify of Christ by using the Law of Moses? How do we keep the words of the scriptures “written on our hearts”?

Book of Mormon Lesson 17 – “A Seer Becometh a Great Benefit to His Fellow Beings”

Mosiah 7-11 – Background on Zeniff’s return to the land of Nephi and the subsequent bondage brought forth by the Lamanites; Why are seers important? Why did the people of King Noah reject Abinadi even when knowing that Noah was wicked? How can we better follow the prophets and trust them as seers and revelators?