Book of Mormon Lesson 16 – “Ye Shall Be Called the Children of Christ”

Mosiah 4-5 – How can we seek a “mighty change” of heart that comes through exercising faith in Jesus Christ? How did King Benjamin’s people do it? King Benjamin encourages the people to seek a remission of their sins; he teaches how to live Christlike lives. What obligation to parents have to their children?

Book of Mormon Lesson 15 – “Eternally Indebted to Your Heavenly Father”

Mosiah 1-3 – King Benjamin stresses to his sons the importance of keeping a record; Benjamin gathers the people together to hear the word; the importance of serving others as it relates to serving God; King Benjamin repeats and angel’s prophecies about Christ and His Atonement.

Book of Mormon Lesson 14 – “For a Wise Purpose”

Enos, Jarmon, Omni, WoM – We break down the organization of the large and small plates, the prophetic line, and record-keeper line. Enos prays for himself, the Nephites, and the Lamanites, and receives a remission of his sins and knowledge of God’s love; the Mulekites meet Mosiah and his followers; Mormon abridges the different plates.