Book of Mormon Lesson 05 – “Hearken to the Truth and Give Heed unto It”

The Liahona guides Lehi and Ishmael’s families when they are righteous; Nephi demonstrates his unwavering faith by obeying the Lord’s command to build a ship; Laman and Lemuel rebel; the people repent and are guided to the promised land.

Book of Mormon Lesson 04 – “The Things Which I Saw While I Was Carried Away in the Spirit”

Nephi’s vision – his descendants; the great and abominable church; the colonization of the Americas; the Apostasy; the Restoration of the gospel

Book of Mormon Lesson 03 – “The Vision of the Tree of Life”

Guest host Meagan Price breaks down the vision of the Tree of Life; failing to hold to the rod despite our earnest desires; avoiding being part of the great and spacious building; partake of the fruit

Book of Mormon Lesson 02 – “All Things According to His Will”

Lehi takes his family into the wilderness; Laban is slain; the plates of brass are obtain; Laman and Lemuel engage in general schmuckage.